Alexander Waletzki, M.Sc.

  • Electrical engineer
  • Trainee in the field of intellectual property rights

Alexander Waletzki began his professional career with a training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering and started in parallel a distance studies to become a graduate engineer in electrical engineering, which he successfully completed during his work as a development assistant for photovoltaic inverters.

During his subsequent work as a development engineer, Alexander Waletzki further analyzed and developed power plant-scale photovoltaic systems worldwide. At the same time, Alexander Waletzki successfully completed a master’s degree in regenerative energy technology and subsequently worked as a technical project engineer for lifting and drive power modules for industrial forklift trucks.

Before Alexander Waletzki devoted himself to training in the field of intellectual property, he developed as a power electronics engineer electronic cooling fans (eCF) in the automotive industry.

Due to his many years of professional experience in various industries, Alexander Waletzki is a competent partner in the fields of control engineering, power electronics, power engineering, software engineering, electronics and the like.

Alexander Waletzki is married and has a daughter.


German, English


Since 2019 Training in the field of intellectual property rights
2018 to 2019 Power electronics engineer, department: electronic cooling fans (eCF), Magna Powertrain in Sailauf
2014 to 2017 Technical project engineer, department: Power Electrics, Linde Material Handling in Aschaffenburg
2011 to 2014 Development engineer, department: Test & Analysis, SMA Solar Technology in Kassel
2009 to 2011 Development assistant, department: hardware development innovative energy systems, SMA Solar Technology in Kassel
2011 to 2014 Master’s degree study, specialisation: regenerative energy technology, FernUniversität in Hagen
2007 to 2011 Diploma programme, specialisation: electrical engineering/telecommunications, Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule in Pfungstadt
2005 to 2009 Training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering