Protection Strategy

You have invested a lot of time and money in the development of your product. This is why it should be protected correctly from abuse. There are different types of industrial property rights such as patent rights, trademark rights, design rights and copyright rights that are placed at your disposal by the legislator. We help you to find the best strategy for your product that will satisfy all your needs.

It is important to take into account the individual requirements of the applicant and the nature of the invention as this is the basis for finding the optimal industrial property rights for a product. We will develop and prosecute an individual strategy for every single invention. We will show you different aspects of your invention that might emerge during a first personal meeting of which you were not aware of before but which can be fundamental when obtaining a title of protection. At the beginning of our cooperation we will try to find an individual solution for protecting your product according to the type of protection, your request for territorial extension and your financial budget.

When choosing a title of protection, we mainly take into account the legal enforceability of a right as well as the desired duration of protection.

It is essential to evaluate the potential and already existing markets of those countries in which a title shall be granted and to examine all the places where possible competitors do produce and sell similar products when selecting the countries in which a protection shall come into force. Such joint considerations are important as they allow us to give you a cost-efficient and detailed list of all those countries in which a title of protection would make sense so that you may produce and sell your products legally with no competitor profiting from your invention. Moreover, we will take all the costs of protection into account in order to guarantee you the fullest level of protection at the lowest possible cost. In this regard, we will of course consider your personal property rights portfolio.

We provide you with competent advice in industrial property rights. Together with you, we will find the best strategy to protect your invention and your product.